The Hottest Trends In Handbags for 2023

Browse & shop the hottest handbag trends of 2023 - metallics, bucket bags, plush totes, and more! Shop our designer resale collections in store in Raleigh NC, or shop with us online anytime!
With every new year brings a new selection of trending handbag styles. As
trends occur in a cycle, there is no better sustainable and affordable way to participate in current trends than to shop second hand. Let’s discuss fashion editors' picks for the most stylish trends to come in 2023 and which bags available for purchase second hand play into these trends. 
The Bucket Bag
Stylish yet practical. Playful with a touch of sophistication. The now trending bucket bag is sure to be one of the most loved bag styles of 2023. Available in wide ranges of sizes, materials, the bucket bag is an “it bag” with mass appeal. Our picks for bucket bags in 2023 include the Gucci Mini Ophidia Bucket Bag and the Fendi Mon Tresor Bucket Bag, both available to purchase at dress. Raleigh. 
Gucci Supreme GG Bucket Bag Fendi Leather Monogram Bucket Bag
Soft and Plush
Soft, unstructured bags provide a carefree look of ease and comfort. Fashion trendsetters have been spotted sporting large, plush bags and have strayed away from the previously trending small structured handbags. Bags with quilted soft leather, fuzzy textures, and in large more organic shapes are sure to be all the rage going into 2023. A more classic way to participate in this trend is through the YSL LouLou Shoulder Bag, available now at dress. Raleigh.
Saint Laurent Large Loulou Leather Bag
Metallic and Unconventional
For the more daring handbag lover, metallic exteriors, beaded details, and unique shapes are all trending. Elevate any look with a metallic handbag or add detail and texture through a beaded bag. This trend is perfect for a night out look or for anyone looking to add innovative and stylish aspects to an everyday outfit. Expressing personal style through unique handbags will be the way to go in 2023. Check out the metallic and unconventional bags available at dress. Raleigh, including the Givenchy Antigona.  
Givenchy Antigona Metallic Goatskin Leather Mini Bag
Back to Work Bags
As we return to the office, boxy totes and briefcase bags will return as well.
These bags are all about practicality but can also be stylish and trendy. When considering work totes, the options are endless especially on the second hand markets. Key work bags to consider as you return to the office include the Louis Vuitton On The Go Tote, Chanel Shopping Tote, and the Fendi Sunshine Tote.
All available now on our website.
Louis Vuitton On The Go GM Tote Fendi Leather Sunshine Tote

Chanel Chevron Boy Bag Tote