The Top Collectible Investment Of 2023: Handbags

Handbags were just named the "top collectible investment of 2023" - learn more here & shop our collection of designer bags to find your perfect investment piece!
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Handbags Named Best Collectible Investment of 2023
Calling all luxury bag connoisseurs! This financial news indicates your passion
for handbags could prove to be a worthwhile, lucrative investment. 
In a recent news story, CNBC reported experts' predictions naming luxury handbags as the best collectible investment of 2023. Specific handbags from the most exclusive labels could be worth thousands on the resale market, with their expected value over time at a continual growth. According to The Knight Frank Luxury Investment Index (KLFII), which measures the performance of collectible investments, handbags rose above art and jewelry in percentage of increase on 10 year collectible investments. Specific percentages ranked jewelry at a 53% increase, art at 84% and luxury bags rising to the top at 92% increase. 
It is important to note that financial experts are not comparing handbags to standard investments such as stocks, bonds, or real estate. Luxury bags belong to a unique category of investments known as a collectible investment or “passion asset”. Typically reserved for a more wealthy investor, passion assets can range from fine wine to luxury cars and bags. If funds are available, collectible investments can diversify one's portfolio and offer a potential for high returns.
Of course, the risks associated with any investment still apply. 
The opportunity for potential resale profits are limited to bags from the most premier luxury brands. Hermes is the key brand to note when discussing a handbag as a collectible investment. Their bags are priced at the top of the market and the opportunity to purchase is often reserved to their most wealthy customers. Hermes typically requires their customers to make several smaller purchases before being offered a handbag such as the Hermes Birkin or Kelly. Chanel has also begun to rival Hermes in their efforts to bring their bags up to investment status. They have continually raised prices and decreased availability of some of their most popular handbags in an effort to increase the value and exclusivity of the brand. 
Unique colorways, trims, and materials also add to the investment value of a handbag from these brands. The bags must be rare and in pristine condition to have potential as an investment and resale value. 
Hermès Ardennes Birkin 35
Hermes Birkin 35 Black Leather Gold Tone Hardware
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Chanel Classic Double Flap
Chanel Lambskin Classic Double Flap Bag Black Quilted Lambskin Leather Gold-tone Hardware CC Turn-lock Closure
The Chanel classic bags are on the rise as a valuable investment piece. This specific bag is in pristine condition and available for purchase at dress. Raleigh.