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What is the origin of the brand?
The history of the brand Chanel can be traced back to 1910 when Gabrielle Chanel first opened her boutique named “Chanel Modes’. Located in Paris, the store sold extravagant hats. Chanel’s hats were worn by many famous French actresses of the time, which gave notoriety to the brand. Gabrielle later became known as CoCo Chanel as she opened a second boutique and began to expand her product offering to womens sportswear made of jersey fabric, which at the time was exclusively used in men's clothing. 
In 1915, CoCo established the Chanel Couture house and the first ever Chanel Haute Couture collection was created. The revolutionary Chanel no.5 perfume was launched in 1921, followed by the first Chanel makeup collection in 1924. Gabrielle Chanel continues to grow her brand and broaden the influence of Chanel. She dressed the most famous Hollywood actresses and continued expanding the Chanel product offering. The brand was the epitome of French style and luxury. Its influence soared when Marilyn Monroe announced Chanel no.5 as her favorite perfume in 1952. 
In 1955, Chanel released its 2.55 handbag. Named after the date it was created, the quilted leather flap back went on to be one of the most sought after handbags ever on the market. In the following years, numerous other famous items were produced by Chanel including the first tweed trimmed suit and two-toned pumps. Chanel established itself as a brand of supreme quality and style, with the most prominent women of the time always dressed in Chanel. Its most classic products remain extremely popular since their creation. 
Gabrielle Chanel passed away in 1971, however the spirit of her brand will live forever. Some of the greatest designers in history went on to direct the fashion house with the most notable being Karl Lagerfeld. Lagerfeld brought the brand to life with his ready to wear collections and handbag launches. 
What are the most popular Chanel handbag styles?
The Chanel 2.55 was the first notable handbag released by the brand and remains to be one of if not the most popular styles. The bag was incredibly innovative for its time, being one of the first women's bags to feature a shoulder strap. The bag instilled a newfound sense of freedom in the women who wore it. The bag is made primarily of quilted lambskin leather with a front flap and chain link shoulder strap.
Karl Lagerfeld designed an updated version of the 2.55 in 1980. The Chanel Classic Flap features the same quilted leather with the CC logo front and center at the clasp. The bag is highly coveted and is the perfect way to add a touch of Chanel luxury to any look. 
The Chanel Boy Bag and Grand Shopping tote are other popular styles to consider. The Boy Bag features the same front flap design as the Classic Flap and 2.55, but has a unique touch of edge to the design. The bag is a more flat shape with chain details. The leather comes in a variety of textures and colors and the Chanel CC logo is featured at the front closure. The Shopping Tote is a much larger size with a shorter shoulder strap. The tote is practical yet luxurious. It is usually made of quilted leather and features an embroidered CC logo. 
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How are Chanel bags made?
Chanel’s handbags are handmade by skilled craftsmen with exquisite care and attention to detail. The selection of the leather is a meticulous process and only the best quality materials are used in production. The leather is hand cut and stitched to form the various Chanel styles. They are produced out of the brand’s historic workshop located in Paris, France. It takes four to five years of training before a Chanel bag artisan can completely master each process that goes into the creation of the bags. 
Where can Chanel bags be purchased?
A Chanel handbag is one of the most sought after investment bags available on the market. The brand operates boutiques across the world that carry various styles of bags. Inventory in stores is often limited, with only certain boutiques carrying certain styles. Shopping in stores at Chanel is one of the most exclusive and luxurious shopping experiences. However, many Chanel customers opt to buy their Chanel bags second hand. This opens your options to a wide variety of styles, including vintage or one-offs, at lower prices and a more convenient shopping experience. It is important to make sure the second hand store you are shopping from is properly authenticating each bag to ensure you are getting a true Chanel product. 
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