consign your wardrobe in raleigh

Personalized Service

At dress, one of our most coveted personal client services is our in-home closet cleanout. Whether you need help with organization, styling, or just need a fresh start in your closet, one of our professional stylists are ready to help you tackle the job.

We start by going through your entire closet with you. Next, we will help you decide what pieces to remove from your closet due to wear, style or size and then return the items to your closet that you choose to keep. Finally, we will organize your closet by color, style and/or season based on your needs. No closet is too big or too small!

Any of the pieces that you choose not to keep, we will organize and select what we can take to Dress to consign for you. Our stylists will happily advise on pieces to add to your newly cleaned-out closet and pull pieces from our consignment shop.