Hermès - Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions - All About Hermès! From the history of the brand, to bestselling styles, to purchasing Hermès' iconic bags, we have all the info you need! Browse our selection ofHermès pieces online & in store, or let us help you find the Hermès bag of your dreams!
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What is the origin of the brand?
The house was created in Paris, France in 1837 by Thierry Hermès, a harnessmaker who opened his own workshop. Hermès and his son proceed to open a storefront in Paris and expand their offerings to custom harnesses and saddles of premium quality and craftsmanship. In 1922 the house was run by Émile Hermès, who created a new design innovation for a close-all system inspired by his travels to the Americas. Later known as the zipper, Émile began
to include a zip feature on Hermès leather goods. Émile Hermès went on to
create the first ready to wear Hermès clothing item, a golf jacket, as well as watches, sandals and jewelry. By 1937 the first Hermès silk scarf was born, originally created by Émile’s son in law, Robert Dumas. Dumas inherited the
brand and went on to design some of the most popular Hermès products today, including the Kelly bag. The Hermès Kelly was designed as a tribute to the Princess of Monaco, Grace Kelly. Jean-Louis Dumas, the son of Robert Dumas, went on to take over Hermès in 1978. Under his leadership, the most famous Hermès Bag was designed. The Hermès Birken was created by Dumas in
1984 after a chance encounter with Jane Birkin on a flight, in which she
described to him her ideal bag. 
What are the most popular Hermès bags?
The most sought after handbags offered by Hermès are the Birkin, Kelly
and Evelyne styles. Each of these styles range in price points but all are handcrafted by skilled craftsmen. The most expensive and exclusive of the three is the Hermès Birkin bag. The Birkin is one of if not the most desired investment handbag, with its value continuing to rise over the years. They are hard to come by, only offered to the most loyal Hermès customers in store and go for the highest prices on the handbag resale market. 
The Hermès Evelyne is the ideal everyday bag offered by Hermès. Its casual hobo shape and soft leather make it the perfect touch of luxury for any occasion. The Hermès Evelyne is another great investment bag meant to last a lifetime. It resembles the Birkin in classic Hermès style yet is smaller in size. 
How are Hermès bags made?
Each Hermès handbag is handmade in France by skilled artisans using the signature Hermès saddle stitching. The typical Hermès bag takes at least 18 hours to make including the stitching, buffing and hand painting process. Hermès craftsmen must train for 5 years before they create their first Birkin bag. The leather on the bags can range from crocodile, alligator, or ostrich leather, each with its unique natural texture.
How do you purchase a Hermès bag?
Hermès bags can be purchased directly from a sales associate at an Hermès
or second hand from resale vendors such as dress. Raleigh. If you are in search
of a rarer Hermès bag, auction houses are another great option. When purchasing from an Hermès boutique, it can be a lengthy process before being offered your bag of choice. Due to the exclusivity and hand craftsmanship that goes into creating a Hermès bag, there are very limited amounts of each style of bag. Hermès values their loyal customers and oftentimes will offer bags to customers who have a history of purchases from their boutiques. Starting an Hermès collection and making smaller investments in scarfs, jewelry, or home decor
can increase your chances of landing the exact style of Birkin or Kelly that
you are looking for. When purchasing a Hermès bag second hand, it is important to note if the supplier utilizes an authentication system to ensure the bag is not a knockoff.