All About Designer Handbags!

All about designer. bags - the luxury brands, signature styles, and iconic prints of the world's most famous designers! Which brand and bag style is perfect for you?

Handbags are more than just an everyday or functional item. They act as an extension of our personalities and a key representation of personal style. The world of luxury handbags is filled with numerous brands each with varying identities and signature styles. There truly is something out there for everyone. To know a bag is to love it. That is why we have compiled some of the most iconic bags from our most loved luxury brands. 
Louis Vuitton
It is impossible to begin a conversation about luxury bags without mentioning Louis Vuitton. The brand's signature LV logo and checkerboard pattern saturate the market while remaining heavily sought after. The brand was established by
its namesake, Louis Vuitton, in Paris, France in 1854. Louis Vuitton started out creating specialized trunks, featuring the iconic locks found on many of their
bags today.
One of the most popular bags produced by Louis Vuitton is The Neverfull tote. Keeping true to its name, a Neverfull has endless interior space at a practical size to carry throughout everyday life. The Neverfull is offered in three different sizes and a variety of leather material. The tote is a timeless classic, essential for women from all walks of life and sure to be a worthwhile investment.
Travel accessory turned it-bag, the Louis Vuitton Speedy has been captivating consumers since its creation in 1930. Noted as the first ever handbag created by Louis Vuitton, The Speedy was popularized by Audrey Hepburn. Her request for Louis Vuitton to offer the original “Keep All” Speedy model in smaller sizes led to the birth of The Speedy model known and adored today. The Speedy maintains a similar icon status as The Neverfull. Its functionality, stylish shape, and rich history make The Speedy a fan favorite among all designer bag customers. 

Perhaps one the most coveted and exclusive luxury brands is Chanel.  The brand provides a true sense of luxury through its era-defining designs, signature perfumes, absolutely iconic handbags and captivating runway shows. The Parisian brand was established in 1910 by CoCo Chanel, and has since become a household name and symbol of femininity around the world. Any Chanel bag is sure to provide a lifetime of grandeur and chicness for its owner.
The Chanel single and double flap bags are without a doubt one of the most quintessential bags ever created. The bags are delicate yet durable, featuring the iconic CC Chanel logo at the forefront of the bag. Made from nothing but the most luxurious quilted lambskin leather and gold or silver toned hardware and chains, the Chanel flap bags are truly captivating. A Chanel Classic Flap has proven to be one of the best investment bags on the market. 

A Chanel wallet on chain can be taken effortlessly from day to night and provide the perfect touch of class to any look. The size is large enough to fit the essentials but small enough to be worn whenever or wherever. The chain strap on the wallet is long enough to be worn as a cross body, can be doubled to fit as a shoulder bag, or tucked in to be used as a clutch. Wallet on chain The wallet on chain bags come in a huge variety of materials and styles. From classic caviar leather to patent leather CC logo details and hot pink interiors. The Chanel wallet on chain should definitely be top of your list when looking to invest in a smaller sized bag worth a lifetime of use. 

The history of the luxury brand, Gucci, is equally as wild as much of their designs. Founded in Florence, Italy in 1921, Gucci remained a family run brand for many years before the revitalizing era of creative director Tom Ford. The story of the Gucci family is filled with passion, scandal, and ended in a tragic murder (I recommend watching the 2021 film “House of Gucci” for the full story). Throughout their existence Gucci has produced bags, shoes, and accessories of unrivaled icon status. The famous GG logo, flora patterns, classic horsebit details and overwhelming sense of opulence make Gucci bags like no other. 
The Gucci Marmont Bag is made of soft leather in a practical shape and size with the perfect touch of Gucci details. The chevron quilted leather pattern and large Gucci GG logo add a sense of luxury to this otherwise casual bag. The Marmont in any size or material is the perfect addition to any Gucci lover's bag collection. 
Another Italian fashion house synonymous with luxury and known for impeccable craftsmanship is Fendi. Fendi has numerous iconic bags, most of which include their signature double F logo. Whether you prefer a flirty Baguette bag or more sophisticated Sunshine tote, there is a Fendi bag perfect for any sort of customer to invest in. The brand is still family run by the original Fendi family. Karl Lagerfield brought Fendi to the attention of people around the world as he pushed boundaries through experimentation with different materials, especially fur.
When considering a Fendi bag, the Baguette is often the first thing that comes to mind. According to the brand, the original Baguette bag was designed as an ode to the Parisian lady, specifically the way they effortlessly carry a loaf of baguette bread under their arm. The Fendi baguette bag sits comfortably under the wearer's shoulder. Fendi Baguettes are full of personality and come in a vast array of colors, materials, patterns and embellishments from sequins to leopard print. Worn under the arms of pop culture icons including Paris Hilton and Carrie Bradshaw, the Fendi baguette has earned its “it-bag” status. 
The Fendi Sunshine is the perfect sleek and classy leather tote with the perfect amount of fun details. The Sunshine totes are made of a smooth leather in various colors with a large “Fendi Roma” heat stamped across the front. Most sport a tortoise shell handle made from plexiglass. The Sunshine tote comes in a medium or large size and also features a removable long shoulder strap. This spacious bag is the ideal investment as a work bag or every day tote. 
Saint Laurent
Nothing speaks to true refined Parisian luxury and style than the brand Saint Laurent. Since its founding in 1961 by acclaimed designer Yves Saint Laurent, the brand has proven time after time as one of the most revolutionary fashion brands. Saint Laurent is known for their amazing tailoring and ready to wear, stunning shoe styles and of course the high class handbags. 
One of the recently designed iconic bags that we will cover is the Saint Laurent LouLou bag. Since its initial launch in 2017 the bags have been incredibly sought after. The bag was named after LouLou de la Falaise, a fashion icon and an enduring muse to Yves Saint Laurent. LouLou inspired many of Yves Saint Laurent's most iconic designs including the womens tuxedo. The LouLou is classic with a modern twist. It comes in a range of four sizes, quilted leather, chain straps in a variety of hardware, and of course a large YSL logo front and center. 
The YSL Camera Bag is a similar style to the LouLou at a smaller and more compact size. It is the perfect day to night bag. It features the chevron quilted leather pattern or smooth leather and the YSL logo on the front center of the bag. The Camera Bag is a rounded rectangular shape with a leather tassel detail and has a long shoulder strap. The Camera Bag is an essential addition to any Parisian style lover's wardrobe. 
The Goyardine Canvas is one of the most recognizable patterns of any luxury brand. Instead of a logo, Goyard uses this chevron pattern on coated canvas or leather on all of their products. Goyard products are the epitome of heritage and exclusivity. There are a very limited number of Goyard stores and they do not sell bags for purchase online or disclose the prices. Goyard also does not employ marketing tactics or mass production which has proven very beneficial. They rely on their craftsmanship, timeless elegance and exclusivity to create attention towards their brand.
By far the most popular item from Goyard is the St. Louis tote. It is lightweight yet sturdy and incredibly versatile. The St. Louis tote is made from Goyardine Canvas and comes in two different sizes. The bag also includes a matching flat wallet from the same Goyardine Canvas. It is offered in neutral colors such as the black and brown one featured below but also comes in bright colors with contrasting accent linings. A Goyard tote is perfect in its size and weight to be a bag used in any situation for endless years. The chevron pattern is interesting yet classic and the perfect investment. 
The brand for those with a sky high budget (or who aspire to) and a love for refined luxury is without a doubt Hermes. The brand is extremely exclusive and mysterious, with only its most loyal clientele being offered the chance to purchase many of their products. Hermes prides themselves on being true artisans with each bag being handmade with peak quality materials. 
The Hermes Birkin bag is currently the highest price luxury bag on the market and the number one symbol of wealth and exclusivity. The bag was designed taking inspiration from Jake Birkin, a muse and friend of the current head of Hermes, in the year 1983. The Hermes bag is large and strong with a classic Hermes lock at the forefront. The bag is logo free and truly creates a “if you know, you know” moment of luxury. The Hermes Birkin bag is perhaps the best investment one can make if able. 
Another notable timeless piece from Hermes is the Evelynne bag. The Evelynne is a more casual, everyday wear bag that upholds the same quality and craftsmanship as a Birkin. It is made of soft leather and features a laser cut H logo front and center for a more branded statement. The Evelynne comes with an adjustable shoulder strap and is offered in a wide range of colors. The practicality of this bag makes it ideal for daily use and the quality makes it an investment worth a lifetime. 
Another luxury brand for those with a taste for French style and a sense of playfulness is Chloe. A Chloe bag provides a sense of effortlessness while also remaining modern and stylish. The brand was born in Paris in the 1950s and began its ready-to-wear collections that encapsulated what it meant to be fun and feminine. They have continued this same sentiment since then and have released many iconic ready to wear collections and handbags. Chloe designs are the perfect balance between wearable and luxurious. 
The Chloe Marcie bag, designed in 2009 is one of the newer designs of notable handbags. It is without a doubt carefree and feminine staying true to the identity of Chloe. The bag is a perfect mid range size and has a rounded shape with a large front flap and tassel. It does not feature a logo and is identifiable simply based on its well-known design. The Marcie is incredibly versatile and has the capacity to remain an it-bag for many years to come. 
Dior is a brand founded on the principles of timeless, classic beauty and over the years has developed into a powerhouse luxury brand with bold yet feminine designs. Founded in Paris in 1946, the brand has housed some of the most talented designers in history. Dior not only produces clothing and accessories that are to be sold and worn but has pieces that are truly works of art in every collection. Perhaps the most notable designer to hold the creative director position at Dior was John Galliano. Galliano brought Dior to the attention of the world through dressing countless celebrities, including Princess Diana, and creating today's most coveted vintage designs.
One of Galliano's most sought after designs is the Dior Saddle bag. The bag is one of a kind in both shape and status. The Saddle bag is a shoulder bag offered in endless amounts of unique materials and patterns. It was worn by only the most iconic 2000s it-girls including Paris Hilton and Beyonce. The eye-catching Dior Saddle instantly became a saddle with some of the vintage designs being the most coveted bags in history.
This colorful, powerful, and showstopping brand uses bold designs and signature hues to create worldwide impacts on fashion. Valentino designs are known for color and even have coined signature red and most recently pink shades. The Italian fashion house produces edgy yet sultry designs that are sought after by women across the world. The brand's vision was born and created by one man, Valentino Clemente Ludovico Garavani, born and raised in a small Italian town. Since its creation, Valentino’s bold designs and signature colors have continued to empower women.
The Valentino tote bag perfectly adds a touch of edge and style to a classic shape. The bag features the recognizable Valentino rock studs around its exterior. The tote is offered in a strong durable leather in classic, timeless shapes. It is logo free, but the studs and iconic Valentino color options make it instantly identifiable. For those looking for a practical bag with a unique touch, the Valentine tote bag is the perfect investment.
Celine is a french brand for sleek minimalist yet powerful women. It is known as a luxury fashion brand “by women for women”. Celine has delivered countless collections of perfectly tailored ready to wear garments and unforgettable accessories. It is a fan favorite among fashion's most elite. The brand is unapologetically feminine and offers timeless silhouettes for only the most fashion forward customer. 
The Celine Luggage Tote is a bag of unique shape and highly sought after status. It is a versatile carry all bag that can be carried for work and for play. The wide range of size offerings creates the perfect Celine Luggage Tote for any lifestyle. It is made of sturdy leather and features unique organic stitching details. Designed with the wearer in mind, the tote is made to last a lifetime due to its quality and simplicity. There is no better chic accessory than the Celine Luggage Tote. 
Last but not least to discuss is the romantic, feminine brand with a touch of edge, Givenchy. The brand has a strong history of hosting some of the most talented designers, including Yves Saint Laurent, and dressing some of the most powerful celebrities such as Audrey Hepburn. Givenchy has focused on silhouettes and producing clothing and accessories that make women feel good. The designs are classic with unexpected touches such as unique shapes or patterns. 
The Givenchy Antigona is one of the handbag silhouettes that made the brand famous. After its debut on the runway in 2005, the Antigona quickly became the it-bag of the year. The bag is effortless yet structured and has a unique angular shape. Its clean and sleek design instantly won over customers and led to the Antigona becoming the most popular and sought after bag of its time. Due to its logo-free, timeless and functional design, the Givenchy Antigona is sure to be a worthwhile investment.