Christian Dior - Frequently Asked Questions

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History of Dior: Christian Dior Origins 

Christian Dior was born in the town of Granville off the coast of Normandy in 1905 where he remained until the age of five when he moved to Paris with his family in 1910. The artistically inclined Christian Dior sold his sketches on the street until he took over the art gallery his father bought for him. Following the onset of the Great Depression in 1929, Dior was forced to close his art gallery and began work with fashion designer Robert Piguet until he was called to join the military service in 1940.

At the end of his service in 1942, Dior began working for couturier Lucien Long as one of the primary designers. Dior’s role consisted of dressing the wives of officers as a way to preserve the fashion industry for both artistic and economic reasons. 

In 1946 Dior founded the house of Christian Dior at 30 Avenue Montaigne Paris. Although the brand claims the official conception was 1947 when Dior debuted his first collection which included 90 different designs. The average dress from this collection was constructed using at least 20 yards of fabric which sparked controversy and received criticism upon debut. However the grandiosity of Dior’s designs offered a juxtaposition to the harsh reality of post-war Europe and helped reconstitute Paris and the opulent fashion capital it was prior. 

Most popular dior bags

Lady Dior Bag: 

Arguably the most popular of the brand's styles is the Lady Dior Bag which is available in a variety of sizes from large to micro and a multitude of colorways with either lambskin or calfskin leather. The bag is characterized by its signature Cannage topstitching and structured boxy silhouette. This Lady Bag was launched in 1995 however didn’t receive its name until Princess Diana was seen sporting the bag in Paris which fast tracked the bags popularity as it remains a fan favorite.

Dior Saddle Bag:

The Saddle Bag was first introduced in John Galliano’s 2000 collection and quickly became a must-have piece. In 2018 Maria Grazia Chiuri reintroduced the design defined by its distinctive shape which resembles the side of a horse saddle and stirrup inspired “D” emblem clip. The Saddle Bag is available in a variety of materials, colors, prints, and sizes.

Dior Book Tote:

The Dior Book Tote is a classic bag due to its utilitarian structure that provides optimal storage which is the main function for a tote. Not to mention the bag is available in an array of silhouettes, prints, and materials that can elevate any outfit. 

Where are Dior bags made 

The majority of Dior merchandise is made in Europe. Approximately 80 percent of Dior products are made in Italy. This includes almost all Dior bags except for travel bags which are made in Germany and the few designs that are made in Spain. 

Why are Dior bags so expensive?

Dior is a very popular and well-known fashion house with a reputation of luxury and exclusivity, this along with the high quality materials and construction of dior bags explains the high cost as many of the brand's pieces can be seen as investments. Dior bags are made in Italy which is known for top quality materials (especially leather) and excellent craftsmanship. This is one of the reasons that products “Made in Italy” have a much higher price point.